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From one column to any column with the new Divi Mobi Column Classes Plugin.

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Divi Mobile Layouts?

We’ve addressed the elephant in the room and solved the problem. Now you can have full control over your mobile adapted views.


You are an awesome Divi child theme designer. You have built tons great websites. Your desktop designs look great, but do you get the same reaction from the mobile user? Most Divi designers focus mainly on desktop conversions and ignore mobile impressions. It is not your fault. In fact, if there was a way to have full control over the default ONE column layout on the Divi builder, would you not take advantage of this? Most times we expect our desktop designs to somehow adapt to the mobile viewport, and once there is nothing overlapping, we consider it acceptable. But, this is a huge oversight, especially when appealing to the mobile user experience.


The Divi Builder does not give any native control over the row layouts for mobile viewing. By default, each row converts to a one column layout, unable to maintain or customize the columns and rows for the mobile viewport. This is a humongous limitation especially if you want to emulate an app-like theme for your website. And let us face it, if you are an experienced Divi user, you should be able to detect quite easily, sites that are built with the Divi theme. Yes, we appreciate Divi’s default media queries. It is the best thing ever. However, would you not prefer to have full control over these built in media queries?


Most website visitors come from mobile devices. In a most recent study in 2020, from the FCC and NTIA, it was proven that over the last 7 years, mobile traffic has increased by 222%. This means that more and more users will be seeing the mobile UI version of your site and may never see the desktop version. Because of this, Google’s algorithm pays homage to sites that capture the attention of mobile users. Yes, google loves mobile sites with attractive content. So, it is not merely enough that your site is responsive. It must also give an awesome mobile user experience.


Divi Column Classes
Divi Mobi First Column Classes

The most simplified way to optimize your Divi desktop designs for the mobile device without breaking or slowing down your site.

The most simplified way to optimize your Divi desktop designs for the mobile device without breaking or slowing down your site.

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If you have a Divi web design agency, then our package is for you.

Mobile Adapted Designs

It’s time to shift the way you think about building websites; from Desktop First to Mobile First. That’s right! With just a few clicks you too can now build aesthetically beautiful mobile designs with our light-weight, intelligently crafted plugin for the Divi builder.

Within the first 10 seconds your potential customer is building up a lasting opinion about you based on your web design. Make sure you make the right first impression on every device.


Pre-Done Layouts Included

Build App-Like Layouts Easily Without Extra Modules

Imagine, at your fingertips, having the power to create gorgeous high converting mobile websites without having to install additional modules. Create your own layouts in minutes and transform your regular desktop sections into a high optimized mobile masterpieces.


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In Just 3 Easy Steps


Copy the class name for the desired Row


Paste class name in the CSS Class text box under the advanced tab

Publish your new design








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If you can imagine it, you can create it.
No need for extra modules or ‘resource draining’ plugins.

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